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Refusing to pick up the nerf gun

By Annica Danielson

Graphics by Thanh Tran


Not many schools can brag and say that they have a full-fledged Nerf gun battle between their Advanced Placement (AP) students. While AP Assassins is student and not school run, it has become ingrained in Timberline’s culture, causing some to take AP classes simply for the thrill of getting to hunt down fellow students with Nerf guns at the end of the year. However, fewer and fewer students are participating in this epic battle of foam bullets.


Senior Seth Magee was an active participant in AP Assassins his junior year, but chose to opt out this year due to issues with transportation. “I know a lot more people this year and it’s a lot easier to figure stuff out, but it’s really hard to get to my target so that I can knock them out,” said Magee. Although he was eliminated early on last year, Magee enjoyed keeping track of who was targeting who and helping his friends ambush their targets.


Other students may choose not to participate in AP Assassins due to lack of access to a Nerf gun or inability to reach their targets. A more likely reason for the drop in numbers may be the low enrolment in AP classes. “A lot of underclassmen aren’t signing up for AP classes, so that whole group isn’t really doing it much,” said Magee. Due to their strict graduation requirements, many underclassmen are choosing to play it safe and stay away from AP classes.


Despite the shrinking number of participants, AP Assassins continues to flourish as a Timberline tradition, and hopes to continue in the coming years. However, with less and less students stepping up to the plate, the fate of AP Assassins is unknown. The hope is that this precious piece of our school’s community won’t find itself shot down.

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