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A New Standard For Science

By Staff Writer Maile Brown

Graphics by Stacey Hines


For the first time this spring, Washington state juniors, eighth graders, and fifth graders will take the WCAS science test to fulfill federal requirements. However, this test will not be a graduation requirement until the class of 2021. The WCAS science test is an exam all juniors this year must take in order to give test designers data on where their academic levels stand.

Junior Nikaya Quach expresses that she is not ready for the required exam due to the lack of preparation provided in class. “I just feel like my teacher is not putting in enough time into preparing us for it.” said Quach.

She believes that the test itself does not prepare juniors in any way to succeed beyond high school, but it prepares the state to analyze the scores. Quach believes that it does not benefit juniors in any way, become as seniors the following year most will not be taking a science class. Even with the information they receive from their scores, they will not have the opportunity to better their skills in science. “I don’t think it prepares us as juniors, but prepares the state to take in our scores to improve it for the lower classmen taking a science class next year.” Considering that the test is being taken for the first time this year, students feel unprepared because of the lack of knowledge they have on what exactly is going to appear in the exam.

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