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Serving up Success

Story by Michael Barnes

Photos by Drake Nguyen


Four years, two regular season losses.

Senior Angela Schuster has been a dominant tennis force since she stepped on the court as a freshman, but it is her preparation and dedication that set her apart. Between playing high school matches and competing in United States Tennis Association (USTA) matches, she rarely has a day off. “I play tennis every single day and recently I have been working out a lot more,” said Schuster.

Along with the physical preparation, the mental aspect plays a huge role as well. In her USTA matches, Schuster feels this is where she is able to really separate herself, “a lot of girls get angry and upset really quickly, so they lose their cool and start missing a lot,” said Schuster.

While Schuster has been able to enjoy multiple league and district titles, as well as a class 4A state title on the court, off the court she is not one to want to attract a lot of attention . Tennis coach Kristine Mosher has known Schuster since her freshman year, and says that her production on the court can be surprising to those that do not 

know her. “Very unassuming. You would never know that she is this high level tennis player when you see her off the court,” said Mosher, “she is not boastful like some people are.”

It is obvious that tennis plays a major role in her life, but Schuster makes sure to prioritize school work as well. “Schoolwork is probably a little bit more prioritized than tennis, just because I have a goal of a 4.0 [grade point average],” said Schuster. Set to attend and play for the University of Portland, she eventually plans to become a pilot for the United States Air Force.

As for now, Schuster is coming off of a league title, and plans to keep the momentum rolling throughout the postseason. Her goal: “Going for another state title,” said Schuster.

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