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The return of AP assassins


Written by Aubrey Smith

Photos by Ian Teodoro


Every year, the annual tradition of AP assassins takes place following the AP exams in the spring, a competitions where students target other students with Nerf guns –a toy that shoots out foam darts– to win money and bragging rights. ASB president senior Stacey Hines and his brother sophomore Cameron Hines are the moderators for this year’s game. “Timberline AP Assassins is 

a bounty hunt battle royale exclusive to AP and Running Start students at Timberline,” said Stacey Hines. “It‘s 100% student-ran.”

Each Sunday, an assassin is assigned to a player and must eliminate their target by shooting them with a nerf gun by the next Sunday. If the assassin fails to eliminate their target or get eliminated themselves, they are no longer in the running. The final three assassins will win cash prizes comprised of the sum of the registration fees. Third place wins 10 percent, second place wins 30 percent and the Final Assassin will receive 60 percent and will be declared the winner of 2018 Timberline AP assassins.

This year will be senior Sean Surrency’s third year playing. “It’s always been a hobby of mine, getting a few friends from around the neighborhood and shooting at each other,” said Surrency. “I just like seeing people have fun.” Surrency rents nerf guns out to competitors who do not own any themselves.

Unlike previous years, AP Assassins will no longer be exclusive to students who are taking AP classes, but will also be open to Running Start students during the 2017-2018 school year. “The decision to include Running Start students into a game that has been historically been reserved for only AP students has been controversial. “However, I believe that Running Start students work just as hard as AP students while losing part of the social high school experience,” said Hines. “Including them in the game 

this year is a way of making them feel more included at Timberline.”

A link to sign up for AP Assassins is located on the official AP Assassins Instagram and Twitter page. Stacey Hines will also be available in the mornings to sign people up. The registration fee is $5 and is due by May 18 to Hines in person and in cash, and AP Assassins officially begins on May 21 at 12 a.m.


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