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Review: Prom 2018

Photo courtesy of Maddy Welling


On May 5, students attended the senior prom at Temple Theatre, Tacoma’s Landmark Convention Center. Prom can be a completely different experience for everyone, so here’s what some of us from The Blazer News took from prom.


Chase Bowes: 4/5 stars

In my opinion, prom was great. However the only degrading factor of the night was the music. 

Half of the music played was not energetic and pretty basic. But the other half was really upbeat and fun 

to dance to. The venue was unique but fit the prom theme perfectly. The photo area were good additions to the dance and the drinks were much needed. Ultimately, it was a great night.


Kayla Eagan: 3.5/5 stars

I’ll be honest, I had low expectations for this years prom. I wasn’t planning on going but I’m glad I did. The venue was beautiful and unique. I absolutely adored the theme. But the desserts they had were NOT very good and even though the music had a good variety, toward the end of the night it became very repetitive and boring in the type of music played, and everyone either left or sat down instead of dancing. Overall, it was way better than expected, it just lacked something to keep it great.


Joshua Lee: 1/5 stars

Don’t ever make me dance to “Pokerface” or “Baby” ever again.



Drake Nguyen: 4.9/5 stars

A perfect night to end a great senior year. The decorations were fitting and the venue was dazzling. Prom for me is all about the people. I had an amazing time taking pictures with all my friends and seeing them all dressed up for our last dance together. I had dinner at an amazing local indo asian restaurant with even more amazing people. The endless supply of italian sodas was the ideal refreshment when it got too hot, and the free pictures was the perfect souvenir that captured the night. I also had an absolutely gorgeous date that I was able to share my day with. There were slow songs to dance to but mostly upbeat music throughout the night. Sadly I have to subtract .1 points for playing “Watch Me” and making me look like an idiot. Overall this was definitely a night to remember and there is truly nothing I would want to change.

Joseph Gardner: 5/5 stars

I had a fantastic time at the prom. The venue was great, the people were better and the music was alright. The Temple Theater was beautiful, and the decorations were spot on. I really liked that there were tables to the side of the dance floor, because people were able to rest without being completely removed from the action. There was also another room outside of the dance floor, so the introverts had a place to hang out too. However, the venue isn’t everything. I went with a really fun group of people, which made the experience a lot better. I’ve been to a total of three proms, and this was definitely my favorite, almost entirely because of the people that I was around. For that, I’m really thankful. I had high expectations for prom this year, and the junior class officers did an incredible job organizing it. The teacher chaperones did an outstanding job at superizing without being overbearing, and I appreciate the time that they took out of their weekend to be there. Bravo, Timberline.

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