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Springtime spirit

By Staff Writer Kayla Eagan

Graphics By Drake Nguyen


Monday, April 30 kicked off the final spirit week of the year, with themed days inspired by this year’s prom theme “A Night in Old Hollywood”. Your costumes can be extreme and over-the-top, or can be toned down and subtle, but just as clever. Here are each of the days for spirit week.


Monday: Meme Day

Come dressed as your favorite meme. It can be anything from Kermit and the tea, to the Walmart yodeling boy. Or if you do not have anything meme-worthy, wear the color black instead!


Tuesday: High School Stereotype Day

Jocks, nerds, theater kids, popular kids, oh my! Take some inspiration from the cult classic movie Mean Girls and dress as a exaggerated high school stereotype. If you do not feel like dressing as a stereotype, come in the color white!


Wednesday: Red Carpet Day

Come dressed to the nines with your Oscar ready attire, or wear the color red and save your fancy clothes for prom night on May 5.


Thursday: Identity Theft Day

This day’s theme has endless possibilities. You can dress as your favorite teacher, celebrity, friend or other person in your life! If identity theft doesn’t float your boat, wear the color green instead.


Friday: College or Career Day

Dress in your dream college or career gear or colors, be prepared for the prom assembly where the prom court is announced.


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