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Leadership shares its reason for the Prom Court revote

By Staff Writer Juan Cuestas

Graphics by Kenny Poppert

When it was revealed to the school that there would be a revote for Prom Court on April 25, students began to come up with their own reasons for why that is. The leadership class decided to release the new online ballot without an explanation, until now.

ASB & activities coordinator Beth Belisle, “There was speculation that the paper ballots were tampered with and it didn’t matter at that point if they had or not, we needed a revote to make sure that leadership did not have a part in the tampering.“ When asked about whether or not anyone in leadership had actually tampered with the ballots, Belisle said “I can confirm that it was a rumor, however I can also confirm that the students accused did not have a part in what happened.”

This year, Prom Court voting was originally administered on paper to honor the request of the student body. “We went to paper voting to increase participation because we have low numbers of voters [compared to] when we do it electronically” said junior Noelle Geddis. Despite these intentions, aside from participation, the threat of foul play is far too imminent. Geddis said, We switched back to electronic voting to remove the chance of this happening again, but we want to find ways to increase participation because only 73 people voted in the revote.”

Senior Dominic Ford supports the revote so that bias is not an influential factor, “I feel that it is the right thing to do because everybody has the right to win, especially non-cheaters.” said Ford.

According to Belisle, online ballots for prom court will be used for years to come.


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