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A different type of April showers

By Staff Writer Aditi Kumar

Graphics by Greta Forslund

Students looking to spend time in the library on Monday, April 23, were surprised to find the library closed due to the second flood this year. According to librarian Dawn Doyle, “[The flood] happened sometime after [the church] left and before 4:30 a.m. on Monday.” Caused by a failed gasket (a round donut-shaped piece holding water pipes together), the resulting flood spilled over into the textbook room, journalism room, and downstairs bathroom.

Although inconvenient, this incident was benign compared to the first. “It took us a lot less time [to clean up],” said librarian Katheryn Myrick. The relative ease of clean up was credited to the quick actions of custodian Fred Garner and district maintenance employee Brain Westberg. “Because they worked with us on the first flood, they knew what our protocol was… it only took us until about 10:30 a.m [to finish cleaning up],” said Myrick.

The flood’s biggest impact was on the textbook room, where the social studies books are kept. According to Doyle, the books are quite expensive, and run anywhere from $90 to $130 each. Due to the flooding issues, Timberline has lost an estimated $22,000 in textbooks. Staff hopes that in the future, the issue with the pipes will be resolved and further floods will be prevent


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